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Share Accounts

Share Savings Account

Opening this account is required in order to join the credit union. The minimum balance needed to open this account is just $5.00.

Exclusive Checking Account

Enjoy expanded banking benefits and enhanced security features with Exclusive Checking. With this account, you will earn dividends including .25% higher dividends on Certificate of Deposits PLUS identity theft recovery, access to credit and dark web monitoring, access to a monthly credit score and mobile phone coverage. This account has no minimum balance and a low monthly account maintenance fee of $6.00. Call or visit us today to open an Exclusive Checking account.

Already an Exclusive Checking member and want to learn more about your benefits? Click here

Share Draft Checking Account

The share draft account has unlimited check writing and no minimum balance requirements. The first box of 80 checks are free. A MasterMoney check card is available for this account. $1.95 maintenance fee.

Share Certificate Account

The minimum balance to open a certificate is just $500, and terms vary from six months to two years. Click here to check out our current rates, which may change weekly.

Christmas Club Account

Use this account to save for your holiday shopping needs. Funds are disbursed each October.

IRA Account:

We offer traditional and Roth IRA share accounts and certificates. Contact us for more details.

Money Market Share Account

Earn a higher rate on your money while still maintaining liquidity. A minimum of $2500 is all that's needed to open a money market account. Check out our current rates.